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John Adams The Wound Dresser
Technical Information
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Synthesizer Musician:

Synthesizer Musician Equipment List:

Quantity Equipment Product Description Useage
1 Kurzweil K2000 keyboard version
(with minimum 8Mb RAM)
(keyboard version)
Main sound source for
Sampler Musician
1 Stereo Keyboard
Combination Amplifier
Powered speaker system To amplify K2000
1 One-Tier Keyboard Stand -- To hold K2000
1 Roland EV5 (or compatable), or audio volume pedal Expression footpedal Volume control for K2000
4 15 foot audio cable
(1/4 inch mono connectors)
-- Connects K2000 to combination amplifier
(uses 4 cables with audio volume pedal)
1 Iomega 100Mb ZIP drive (with SCSI cables) removable hard drive To load samples into K2000


General Sound Reinforcement Notes:

Synthesizer Musician should not be amplified through main loudspeaker system. The sampler sound is to be amplified through the above recommended keyboard combination amplifier and should seem acoustic within the context of the orchestra - this is important.

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Questions or Technical Support please mail:

Mark Grey

John Adams' Engineer

Boosey & Hawkes Synthesizer Technician

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