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John Adams Short Ride In A Fast Machine
Technical Information
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Two keyboard musicians:

Possible Equipment Requirements for OPTIONAL Synthesizer 1 and Synthesizer 2:

Quantity Equipment Product Description Useage
2 Yamaha SY77 or SY99 Keyboard synthesizer Main sound source(s)
2 Stereo keyboard
combination amplifier
Powered speaker system To amplify Yamaha SY77/99 (res.)
4 15 foot audio cable
(1/4 inch mono connectors)
-- Connects SY77/99s to
combination amplifiers (res.).

The score reads:

Note: The above Equipment List is a recommendation. Any synthesizer containing an "analog brass"
(with a moderately fast attack) type of sound will be appropriate for production.

General sound reinforcement notes:

The Synthesizer should be amplified utilizing the stereo keyboard combination amplifier above. The overall
keyboard sound should seem acoustic with respect to the overall acoustic orchestra sound.

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Questions or Technical Support please mail:

Mark Grey

John Adams' Engineer

Boosey & Hawkes Synthesizer Technician

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